VIDEO: Corvette ZR1s aplenty stopping off for a burger at Wendys

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As fanboys of any great car will tell you, at some point in your life you have make a pilgrimage to the birthplace of your favorite car. For Corvette fans, that means a trip to Bowling Green, Kentucky, current home of the Vette assembly plant, as well as the National Corvette Museum. One of the cool things about being in the vicinity of an assembly plant like Bowling Green is that you occasionally spot vehicles that aren't generally available yet. Such was the case for one lucky Vette-lover who goes by the handle Blade3562.

After emerging from the museum, Blade spotted a veritable fleet of fresh C6 Corvettes sitting in a Wendys parking lot across the street from the factory. Upon closer inspection, he realized they were all of the ZR1 variety with the drivers apparently fueling up inside in preparation for the journey north to Michigan. Of the eight cars, one was in the particular shade of blue seen in the initial batch of press shots while the rest were split between yellow and red models. We've already seen a number of yellow prototypes from back when this thing was still wearing camouflage, including one that made a brief appearance at last year's Laguna Seca ALMS weekend. The red ZR1s, however, are new to our eyes and the shade works well with the carbon fiber roof. While we sit here twiddling our thumbs, waiting for Chevrolet to call and invite us out for a drive, you can enjoy the video after the jump that Blade3562 assembled from his photos.

[Source: CorvetteBlogger]

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