Gran Turismo 5 Update: one-year out, damage modeling being considered

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If you're lucky enough to own a PS3, you're most likely deciding whether or not to fork out $40 for GT 5 Prologue. While that might seem like a lot of money for a "demo" game, the latest news on the full version is that it's still a full year away from launch. That's quite a while to wait, so we're guessing most people will break down and buy the Prologue when it's released on April 17.

Part of that wait will hopefully be because GT 5 may include realistic damage to vehicles for the first time. While manufacturers still aren't keen on the idea, Gran Turismo creator Kazanori Yamauchi says that they are coming around to it. Damage modeling appears in other driving games like Forza Motorsport 2, so we don't see why manufacturers would mind seeing it Gran Turismo, as well.

Since we are still a few weeks away from the launch of GT 5 Prologue, you can whet your appetite with the trailer, refresh your knowledge of the track and car list, or drool over the gallery below.


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