Anybody want to win a Mario themed VW Beetle?

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Mario Kart would continue its succession up the ranks of Nintendo gaming systems with the Wii version appearing on April 27. As we said before, we're more interested in realistic driving simulators, but when we found out that a real car would be given away during the promotional run-up to the game's release, we were slightly intrigued. That's until we found out what the vehicle actually is: a custom Mario themed Volkswagen Beetle. At least it's a convertible; albeit one with a horribly tacky paint job.
Winning any car is pretty darn cool, and after paying the requisite taxes on your winnings and paying for a new paint job (face it: it's a necessity), you could still sell the car for a profit. Or, if there really is somebody out there who actually wants to drive a brand-new VeeDub draped in Mario's clothing... well, you can just have fun with that.

[Source: Game via German Car Blog]

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