MSNBC on the pros and cons of scooter ownership

As we cover the rising costs of gas and the downturn of the U.S. economy, we also often highlight the fuel saving opportunities that riding on two wheels offers. There is no doubt that many scooters and small-bore motorcycles on the market are capable of returning exceptional fuel economy, but there are many drawbacks too. MSNBC currently features a very good article, written by a longtime scooter fan, that factually breaks down the positives and negatives of choosing to ride a bike as opposed to traveling by car.

Perhaps it would be possible to add a scooter or small motorcycle to your stable of vehicles. Instead of completely removing the car from your garage, maybe a scooter would be able to offer you an alternative for short trips where the car is overkill. If that sounds reasonable to you, be sure to peruse this article, which offers plenty of suggestions for you to consider.

[Source: MSNBC]

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