Honda CRF250R get a high-performance motocross conversion

We have covered lots of electric conversions here but rare is the bird that soars like this one. The idea behind this project was to showcase the potential of A123 Systems cells that are also being used in a "conventional" car conversion. "Conventional" as in a 2003 BMW 325i. (We'll keep an eye on its progress.)

The project started with two Honda CRF250Rs, with one being converted and one remaining stock for after-completion comparison. Each step was documented with a photo and a brief description. The builder, named on the web site as Bob Simpson BSEE, had a goal of keeping the weight, balance and abuse quotient as close to the original as possible and with all the cool tools and quality components he's working with, it seems he got pretty close.

The final product certainly looks terrific. The range is yet to be determined as more testing needs to be done. The highest speed mentioned is 57.4 mph. As evidenced by the photo above the electric bike certainly doesn't seem to be lacking for torque, although it could perhaps use a second gear. The website featuring the conversion has lots of other information and links for those interested in electrified transportation and is well worth checking out.

[Source: Performance EV Conversion]

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