eBay Find of the Day: 2006 Ford GT, untitled, signed by Steve Saleen

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It should come as no big surprise to any of our regular readers that this blogger is a big fan of Italian supercars. But although it was built to show up the Italian greats in tribute to a race car that did the same decades prior, the Ford GT remains an undeniably cool car, a supercar that seems to have been milled from a solid block of billet aluminum. Unfortunately, Ford stopped building them over a year ago, leaving the myriad special-edition Mustangs to fight it out for the top of the Blue Oval totem pole. But the market holds plenty of GTs for those still looking for the butchest sportscar around.

This, however, is significantly more special: a 2006 Ford GT, black on black with white racing stripes. The car is brand new with only 39 miles on the odometer and has never been titled, which would make the lucky buyer the original owner despite the car being long out of production. If that still hasn't enticed you, check (a) your pulse and (b) the struts over the engine, where you'll find the signature of one Steve Saleen, the legendary Ford tuner whose company was partly responsible for the GT's assembly. With the highest of 18 bids sitting at $189,000 and less than two days to go before the auction ends, interested parties better start bidding to hit the undisclosed reserve price. Thanks for the tips, everyone!

[Source: eBay Motors]

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