Beijing '08 Preview: Geely GT concept to debut

Click above for a gallery of the Geely GT concept

The 2008 Beijing Motor Show will play host to the usual assortment of real automakers' wares, direct knock-offs of said automakers' wares, and a few concepts and production vehicles of genuine interest beyond comedic value. We'll count the Geely GT among that last group. Details are sparse at the moment -- we have no clue what the proposed powertrain consists of, for example -- but Geely's coupe concept this year looks to be substantially more ambitious and voluptuous than the Mybo II 2-door show car it displayed last year in Shanghai. The Mybo II didn't have a whole lot going on in the looks department except a peculiar face that had us expecting it to transform into a giant robot at any moment.

The Geely GT mashes up a variety of looks -- we see some Maybach Exceleo, Ferrari 612, Nissan GT-R, and assorted Peugeot in there. The end result is something that we'd actually be interested to see in person, as the preview photos (or are they renderings?) demonstrate. We won't be there, but we'll bring you the live photos via our friends at Autoblog Chinese when things kick off next month.

[Source: Autoblog Chinese]

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