Man to attempt Japan to Hawaii crossing in wave-powered boat

By now, most people are familiar with the concept of using wave power as an eco-friendly alternative to the burning of fossil fuels. What may be a new concept, though, is using the waves to power a boat. Billed as the most eco-friendly way to power a boat since the sail was invented, wave power is captured by flippers at the bow, and then serves to drive the vessel forward.
Kenichi Horie is a man quite familiar with solo sailing, as well as sailing with unconventional ships. In his 69 years, he's navigated the ocean in solar- and wind-powered boats already and is now looking to set a new world record using his wave-powered ship, the Suntory Mermaid II. Horie will try to travel the 4,350 miles between Hawaii and Japan. Not only is his ship wave-powered, but it also is made from recycled aluminum and the ancillary electronics are powered by solar cells. We wish him well on his journey and will be tracking him on his official website here.

[Source: EcoFuss via Hugg]

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