Create your own family crest courtesy of Scion

Scion keeps coming up with all kinds of ways to let owners customize their owner's club credentials. The latest is Scion Speak, which gives users the power to create a custom coat-of-arms to show their love for Scion Nation. When you've got your family shield -- or Scion gang affiliation -- properly gussied up, you can have it turned into a window sticker, or, get this: have it painted on your car. We'd recommend starting with a sticker. As with a tattoo, there's nothing like trying to explain that pink shield emblazoned with the middle finger and Team Hamster underneath when your situation changes. And those are all real options. There is quite the range of icons, from a toilet to sperm to a teddy bear, to... nun chucks. But don't use those... And to the xB owner in Oklahoma City, nice work!

[Source: Scion Speak via Carscoop]

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