Air Products demonstrates mobile hydrogen fueling station in South Carolina

A 2005 press image from Air Products.

"Mobile hydrogen fueling technology." Sound like something you want? Air Products thinks so, and kicked off the company's latest demonstration of its mobile refueling system, this time in Aiken County, South Carolina. Air Products' announcement explains that there is one mobile fueler supplying 5,000 psi (350 bar) hydrogen for one hydrogen ICE truck. Everyone who is opposed to the wastefulness of hydrogen vehicles probably won't be too keen on that. Aiken County officials, like Fred Humes, director of the Aiken County Economic Development Partnership, are gushing about the technology, though. Humes said in a statement that, "By working with Air Products, we have access to the latest in vehicle fueling equipment and a reliable supply of hydrogen. The project team will provide tangible and visible proof that the use of hydrogen as a replacement for gasoline is feasible, safe and reliable." Air Products recently announced a plan to bring ten hydrogen buses to London.

[Source: Air Products]

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