Trifun three-wheelers set to enter U.S. market

Currently, there are a few small manufacturers marketing in the small, three-wheeled vehicle segment. Obviously, ZAP comes to mind with their electric Xebra sedan and pickup truck. Bajaj sells small three-wheeled utility vehicles here as well. It looks like we can add Trifun to that list, as they reportedly plan to sell a few thousand three-wheeled vehicles this year in the U.S.
A high quality 1 liter four cylinder engine, manufactured by GM joint venture Wuling, powers pickup truck, sedan and surrey - basically a sedan with a removable canvas top - models. Each machine also features a 5-speed manual transmission and should be capable of highway speeds. These vehicles, all of which come equipped with air conditioning standard, are expected to start just under $10 grand, placing them a bit higher than the less-speedy Bajaj units but undercutting any traditional sedan available in the states.

[Source: Trifun via Jalopnik]

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