The Engine Repower Council reminds you to replace your engine

Got a decent used car with engine problems? Consider installing a repowered engine in it, an option that, according to the Engine Repower Council (press release after the break), will end up saving you money on gas and reducing your emissions. As the miles rack up on the engine under the hood of your car, tolerances end up getting larger and larger, which not only reduces the power of your engine and makes it feel run-down, but also increases fuel consumption and is the cause for increased emissions.

Another possible eco-benefit would be that the large components of the engine, like the block, intake system and exhaust system end up being re-used, which saves them from ending up as trash or being recycled.

Press Release:

Repowered Engines Get Better Gas Mileage

With gasoline prices projected to hit the $4 per gallon point by this summer, the Engine Repower Council (ERC) reminds motorists that a repowered engine gets better gas mileage than a worn out engine, emitting fewer pollutants as well.

"If your car or truck is experiencing major engine damage, but is in relatively good shape otherwise, repowering it with a remanufactured/rebuilt engine not only will help you stretch your dollars at the gas pump, it is also a much more cost effective option compared to purchasing a new or used car," said ERC Chairman Steve Rich.

With repowering, the engine or an identical one from another like-vehicle, is completely remanufactured/rebuilt. Also, unlike installing a used or junk yard engine, critically important internal parts get replaced with new ones that meet or exceed original equipment performance standards.

Frequently, remanufactured/rebuilt engines are even better than the new engines installed at the factory. This is because the original factory engine problems have been redesigned or repaired with better quality parts. They are dependable, reliable and backed by excellent warranty programs that also usually cover installation expenses.

Engine repowering also saves the tremendous amount of energy used in processing discarded engines and vehicles, as well as saves an incredible amount of raw materials that would have been used in building a new engine.

"According to a survey conducted by Opinion Research Corporation for the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association, 75 percent of drivers are maintaining their vehicles better because of rising gas prices. Now is the time to talk with an automotive technician to see if repowering your engine with a remanufactured/rebuilt one is the right choice for you," concluded Rich.

[Source: Engine Repower Council

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