Tesla's Ze'ev Drori says CARB should not become a "mockery" this Thursday

California Air Resources Board's important meeting that will decide on the fate of the Zero Emission Vehicle Program (aka the ZEV Mandate) takes place Thursday (background here and here). As one of the big players in the electric vehicle space, Tesla Motors certainly has an interest in how the vote goes on the 27th. To explain his company's point of view, Tesla Motors President and CEO, Ze'ev Drori, published a letter to CARB on the Tesla website today (it was sent to CARB on the 18th). He will also attend the meeting to deliver his message in person.
Drori's main message is that the proposed changes to the the ZEV Mandate, which would reduce the amount of pure electric cars the automakers would be required to make. Instead of 25,000 in 2014-2017, the revisions call for a 90 percent drop and claim that battery technology is not available yet to produce that many EVs. Drori, who knows at least a little about how to build an EV, says such a change could "make a mockery of CARB itself." For his detailed explanation of why CARB might be making this huge mistake, read his letter.

[Source: Tesla Motors]

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