BMW Canada sets Vice magazine aglow

Magazines and ads are forever tied at the hip. After all, without the latter, the former can't exist. A magazine's front cover is one of the few spots left that's devoid of commercial encroachment -- until now. BMW Canada and Vice magazine have managed to give the 1-series top billing in the April edition. By day, it's just another issue of Vice, but douse the lights and you see some very clever marketing in action. That's because the mag has a special glow-in-the-dark treatment that turns the cover into a full-page ad for the BMW 1-series. As advertising stunts go, it's brilliant. Here's a front-page ad that's both unobtrusive (on newsstands, you just see the standard cover) and highly effective, since people are likely to talk about it and show it to friends. It couldn't have come cheap, either, as the covers had to be shuttled between two facilities during the manufacturing process to get the glowy look. No matter. Good ads get noticed and generate buzz. Mission accomplished. Thanks for the tip, Karen!
[Source: Media In Canada via Auto North]

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