Mint condition Yamaha R6 for sale... just don't buy like this guy did

We always appreciate when folks can give it to us straight. Even if they've done something, um, regrettable, they can at least admit it, give us a no-bull explanation, and we can all get on with the show. Next up in the Please Relieve Me of My Mistake category is a gent in Seattle who got rid of his Ford Explorer for a Yamaha R6, only to realize that sportbikes weren't the must-have accessory he thought they were.

After buying it because it had shiny tires due to Armor All, laying it down in the parking lot at 5-mph, not having the desired effect on females, and putting just 3,000 miles on it, he has decided it's time for the R6 to go. It's possibly the only classified ad to include the word "douchecanoe", and the only R6 to allegedly come with side impact airbags, heated and cooled cupholders from a MINI Cooper, and a Wendy's Baconator coupon. Follow the link for your chance to purchase a piece of shattered dreams. The laughs you'll have while reading come free of charge.

[Source: craigslist]

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