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GM may raise vehicle prices rather than sell to fleets, offer incentives

Recently, Toyota adjusted its sales projections for 2008 downward, and although GM is not following suit, it is hedging its bets by moving some non-product related expenses, i.e. stuff that cost money but doesn't have much to do with cars, to the end of the year. Another possibility currently being considered at GM is raising the price of some of its vehicles. These price increases would cover the rising cost of the commodities required to actually build the vehicles, but we presume it would also also make these vehicles a tougher sell in an ultra-competitive market. What GM is definitely not going to do, according to CFO Ray Young, is sell more to fleets or offer massive incentives as a quick fix to raise total sales numbers in the near term, something Old GM would've done already at this point.
[Source: Automotive News, sub. req'd]

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