Toyota is considering a hybrid for Scion

Click above for high-res gallery of the Scion Hako Concept

First, the quote: "Will we have a truck in our lineup? Does it make sense to have a hybrid powertrain? Is a subcompact roadster the answer? Or will an SUV ever be viable for us. We don't know the answers but we're very open-minded." That quote comes courtesy of Jack Hollis, vice president for Scion. So, Scion is considering a hybrid, huh? That's an interesting thought, considering the low price-point that Scion operates in. Surely, a hybrid Scion would be pushing into Prius territory price-wise, which might be inconsistent with Scion's image. Whatever the case, we sure hope that the hybrid wouldn't be anything like their new Hako concept. Wow, is that sucker ug... eh, interesting looking.

In other related news, Hollis mentioned a Scion pickup. That's something worth considering, we think, and it's an idea that's been thrown around before. Ideally, we'd like to see Scion axe the Hako, make a real coupe to replace the aging tC and consider a hybrid drivetrain for that machine; test the waters for a compact unibody pickup and reduce the weight of the xB, making it more in line with the original model. Alas, nobody asked us.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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