New York 2008: Why yes, the Ford Transit Connect could be used as a taxi

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The flashiness of the Ford Transit Connect's debut from Chicago is long gone. Here in New York, Ford is expanding the idea of what these spacious vehicles can do with a Transit Connect Taxi concept, which we learned about yesterday. We went to check this version of the Transit Connect out for ourselves and liked the wide open feeling one gets from the clear roof. Cruising down Broadway in one of these certainly seems like an entirely enjoyable ride (at 40 cents a 1/5 mile) and with 90 percent fewer emissions than most of the cabs that drive the Manhattan roads. While 19 mpg may not seem great for people who drive hybrid sedans, it's better than the 14-15 mpg Crown Vic cabs. Speaking of hybrids, we'll suggest once again that a gas-electric system in one of these should be a no-brainer.

For more, including the official announcement from Ford, click here.

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