New York 2008: We sit down with Milner Motors to talk AirCar and ElectriCar

When we first encountered the Milner Motors ElectriCar yesterday, we just did a quick flyby with out cameras and then headed off to other events. Later in the afternoon, we returned for a 15 minute chat with Chris Milner, the AirCar inventor's son and a partner in the company. He talked about the design of the car, the potential roadmap from this early prototype stage to a production vehicle and why this is so much like the AirCar with its wings lopped off. And yes, Milner's AirCar and the MDI Air Car are two different beasts. Chris said he's more than aware of the credibility issues involved when you try to build a flying car but, should the ElectriCar make it to production, the profits could be used to fund further development of the Air Car. Get ready.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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