Zero Motorcycles to introduce street model, having trouble keeping up with high demand

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Last year, we introduced our readers to the Zero X electric off-road motorcycle, which is capable of a forty-mile range after a two-hour charge. Last year the bike was selling for just under $7 grand, and although it is now going for nearly $7,500, we hear that they're having no problem selling the bikes. In stark contrast to Vectrix, Zero Motorcycles is reportedly looking for enough funding to undergo expansion in order to keep up with demand.

What is even more exciting is the new Zero S on-road electric motorcycle that the company is currently rolling out. The new S model will come complete with everything needed to register it on the street, including lights and turn signals, and is expected to be available this summer. Of course, the key to any electric vehicle is the battery, and the unit used by Zero contains 168 individual lithium ion cells and is expected to endure six years of hard riding.

[Source: Zero Motorcycles via The Kneeslider]

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