New York 2008: will Prius sales make up for slowing Tundra sales?

At the New York Auto Show, Toyota U.S. General Manager Bob Carter spoke with Bloomberg about high fuel prices and the full-size truck market (see video below the fold). Carter said "we are not immune to what the current market conditions are and many full-size truck owners are delaying their purchases, waiting to see exactly where the market is going to go in fuel prices." Not to worry, Carter said, because "we may sell a few less Tundras but we will transfer that reduction in sales to our more fuel efficient models like the Prius and the hybrids." Can Toyota hybrids make up for a decrease Tundra sales? It's unclear. Toyota has predicted that they will sell fewer hybrids this year than last year and Prius sales are already showing declines. It's not totally clear on how Carter predicts hybrids will make up for slowing Tundra sales when Toyota is also predicting its hybrid sales will decrease.

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