2008 New York Auto Show video preview: some of the teams in the Auto X-Prize

One thing we are really looking forward to at the New York Auto Show is the official start of the Auto X-Prize, a contest to build a 100 MPGe car with a multi-million dollar prize. At the Detroit Auto Show, the X-Prize people and some of the teams had car models on display (see video below the fold).
We know that MDI's Air Car will be there. We are looking forward to seeing the other X-Prize teams ( like Illuminati Motor Works) and we really want to see the Air Car in person. The compressed air powered car is out in less than a year, with a range and price that is just unbelievable. Below the fold is the most recent video I could find of the Air Car, which includes a mention of the investment from Tata which should make a release in a year's time possible.

When we get to talk to the Air Car representatives on Thursday, top of our list of questions is the re-charge (re-flate?) time. According to the video below the fold, the several-minute recharge time we heard about is only from dedicated air stations. Recharging at home with a generator will take 3-4 hours. The video below the fold also includes lots of information about the Air Car like the price and odd middle driver seating. Stay tuned for much more from us at the New York Auto Show.

[Source: YouTube]

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