UAW having issues with GM's landmark labor contract

A key part of the labor contract signed between GM and the UAW last year was a second tier of wages for non-crucial, i.e. not involved with building a car, job roles. As higher-paid workers take buyouts and retirement packages over the next few months, the General is allowed replace up to 16,000 roles with lower wages that are half what current workers make at around $14he contract stipulates the total number of second tier jobs, but some union officials say GM has raised the per-plant number at all locations.

While some locals feel they have been fairly represented, at least three feel that GM is trying to allocate too much of their labor as "non-core." The Orion, Michigan plant that produces the Malibu and G6, for example, is being tasked with 580 tier two jobs, while union locals feel the number is actually closer to 300. Union leaders say the solution will need to come from additional bargaining, as if we aren't still burned out on union talk as it is. The good news is that any problems the two sides may have will likely be solved by the end of summer, as July 1 is when buyouts start to take effect and GM will have to start hiring new workers to replace them.

[Source: Detroit News]

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