Bill Dube with his KillaCycle better watch his back 'cause ThunderStruck Motors has been setting electric motorcycle drag racing records left and right the past few weeks. On March 7, the team set a new NEDRA record of 11.693 seconds at 104.53 mph in the quarter mile for the 96 volt class with their Tron bike (it was actually powered by 93 volts for that run). After bumping the power up to 102 volts, they were able to back up their first run with a time of 11.561 seconds. Both runs were completed at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California and followed their record-setting run back in February.

We've placed two videoes after the break. One shows the Tron bike performing a burnout on its way to setting the NEDRA record. That event only allows electric vehicles, but the second, faster run was performed at Infineon's Wednesday Night Drags event where any motorcycle was welcome to participate. The other is from ThunderStruck itself. The bike is powered and sponsored by Lithium Technology Corporation. Way to represent, ThunderStruck!

Source: NEDRA and]

See the video below:

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