The BMW Hydrogen 7 "green" message is going to Asia. While many of the cars are still tooling around Hollywood with various celebrities at the wheel (who's the latest? check back in a few hours), five have been sent to Singapore for a two-and-a-half-week promotion. Two government representatives, the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim, and the chief of Singapore's national environment agency, Mr. Lee Yuen Hee, came to the BMW CleanEnergy pavilion a week ago to kick off the event. Like the celebrity vehicles here in the U.S. and Europe, the dual-fueled 7 Series will be used to ferry VIPs around Singapore. One, though, will remain on display "in a futuristic, glass-and-steel pavilion located on state land in the heart of Singapore," to make sure everyone gets a chance to be awed at just how unavailable the hydrogen economy is. The vehicles will be in Singapore until the 23rd. There's more after the jump.

Press Release:


Singapore - Underlining the importance of Singapore's search for clean energy sources to power its national economy, the country's Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, and the chief of its national environment agency, Mr Lee Yuen Hee, visited the BMW CleanEnergy pavilion on March 7, kicking off the two-and-a-half-week public event.
Five BMW Hydrogen 7 Series are in Singapore to underline the BMW Group's technological leadership in offering the world a clean fuel solution for sustainable motoring, and in the process, offer an in-depth look into the fascinating, everyday reality and applicability of hydrogen power as the answer to sustainable motoring.

Four of these vehicles will provide chauffeured rides for key Singapore VIPs and media, while the fifth will be on show to the public in a futuristic, glass-and-steel pavilion located on state land in the heart of Singapore. Earlier, in endorsing the CleanEnergy event, the country's National Environment Agency had described BMW's hydrogen drive technology as "innovative" and a possible contribution to environmentally sustainable transportation in Singapore, which hosts its annual Green Transport Week in early June. The latter focuses public attention on clean transportation technologies that are powered by alternative energy sources.

Throughout the CleanEnergy event's run from March 7 to 23, specialists from the BMW Group will be on hand to explain CleanEnergy technology to visitors to the pavilion. CleanEnergy experts will also deliver guest lectures on BMW's hydrogen drive technology at Singapore's two premier universities, which, together with schools and polytechnics, have also arranged for visits by their engineering students to the pavilion.

Singapore is the only Southeast Asian country to host the BMW CleanEnergy technology event featuring the cars and related exhibits before they move on to Beijing in time for the Olympic Games later this year.

"The BMW CleanEnergy event adds another milestone to Singapore's commitment to research and development, test-bedding and pilot projects in the field of clean, environmentally sustainable and renewable energy," said the Managing Director of BMW Asia, Mr Roland Krueger. "With a growing focus on the search for sustainable and environmentally clean energy fuels in Singapore, and its prominent position as a research and development hub, we believe this is an excellent opportunity to share with the government and other decision-makers here about the latest developments in hydrogen combustion technology - one which the BMW Group has been pioneering. We are proud to be able to bring the BMW CleanEnergy Hydrogen 7 Series cars here and thank the National Environment Agency, the Singapore Environment Council and our other government partners for helping to make this event in Singapore possible," Mr. Krueger added.

"With the BMW Hydrogen 7, the BMW Group is opening up a new era for the development of automobiles with alternative drive technologies. After extensive research lasting more than 20 years, the BMW Group is able to underline emphatically its leadership in cutting edge technology. This alternative, clean energy technology, brand-new in a series production car, provides a comparable level of performance as one equipped with a gasoline engine. A hydrogen-fuelled car with a combustion engine is able to offer power, performance, driving dynamics, motoring refinement and, as a result, sheer driving pleasure of the supreme standard expected of a BMW."

Partnerships towards sustainable mobility
In addition to the guest lectures at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University and the National University of Singapore as well as student visits to the BMW CleanEnergy Pavilion, BMW Group experts will also be speaking at another key event which will take place during the next two weeks. The CleanEnergy Roundtable, organized by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) aims to focus debate on the necessity for sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation. "Through participation as a guest speaker at this event, our CleanEnergy expert will again underline the BMW Group's technology leadership in development and fielding of cutting edge solutions for sustainable transportation," said Mr Krueger.

Reaching out to the next generations
BMW Asia will also be reaching out to students in Singapore's primary and secondary schools as well as junior colleges through the BMW CleanEnergy Challenge for Schools. This initiative aims to create awareness about clean energy sources and technologies and how these can contribute meaningfully and directly to the country's pursuit of sustainable development. The competition, jointly organized with Singapore's Mediacorp TV12, will test the students' creativity and resourcefulness. Younger primary school students will be challenged to produce an 'Earth News Report' in video format as their Challenge entry, while youths in the older age group are tasked to design and build a model of an 'Eco-friendly House'.

[Source: BMW]

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