HGTV giving away Yukon Hybrid to winner of their Green Home Giveaway

HGTV is in a giving mood these days. The cable channel hasn't even given away their 2008 Dream Home yet and they are already working on their next giveaway. Oh yeah, each of these house giveaways is also sponsored by GMC and the winners of the homes will also get the keys to a brand new GMC Yukon Hybrid. While some remain skeptical regarding the green credentials of the Yukon Hybrid, we think that the vehicle is just fine. Considering the 40 percent improvement in city mileage along with a 25 percent improvement in highway mileage in a vehicle still capable of towing 6,000 pounds, the Yukon Hybrid will be saving lots of gas for the families that can afford it. Of course, affording it is made significantly easier when it's won - the winner will pay only the taxes. Oh yeah, a house is included too, one that is supposed to be green.

[Source: HGTV via Ecorazzi]

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