SUB G1 three-wheeler makes commuting an exciting, risky affair

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Back in 2005, three friends with automotive design and fabrication experience got together and created themselves three identical machines, each with three wheels and powered by a Suzuki TL V-Twin motorcycle engine. At that time, they said that they would love to produce the machine, dubbed the SUB G1, but weren't really ready for that themselves. According to a posting over at Motor Authority, though, that time may be coming. Made almost entirely of composites and a welded tubular frame, there is a possibility that the vehicle could be sold as a kit. We tried contacting SUB for an update on the production status, but haven't heard back as of yet.

Commuting to work in the SUB G1 is likely about as close as you can get to legally driving a go kart on the street. Staring straight at semi hubcaps must be an exhilarating experience. When you get to your final destination, be sure to park uphill - there's no reverse gear.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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