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Paris 2008 preview: pricey Lumeneo Smera to be released early 2009

Lumeneo's titling electric car, the Smera, will be released early 2009 according to CNET TV. The official announcement will be made at the Paris Motor Show in October but CNET says Lumeneo will be "taking deliveries early 09." The CNET video also has a close up look at the Smera's electric motors and CNET TV's host, who is six feet two inches tall, gets in the car even though the fit is a little snug. The Smera has a top speed of 130 Km per hour, range of 150 Km on a single charge (which takes 3-5 hours) and will cost between 20-30,000 Euros ($31,000-$47,000US, at today's rate). Ouch.

[Source: CNET TV]

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