Transformers 2 is so on for June 2009, Michael Bay countdown clock confirms

OK, we admit it. We went a little bit overboard in the six months (maybe a year) leading up the Transformers movie. It's hard for us not to love a movie that includes a Mustang vs. Camaro battle scene and a seriously bad-ass Optimus Prime. If you were with (the few of -Ed.) us panging in anticipation of the first Transformers movie, you'll appreciate the fact that Michael Bay already has a countdown to the second installment of what will likely be a long-running movie franchise.

According to Mr. Bay's countdown to Transformers 2, the date to remember is June 26, 2009. That's about 470 days from now, which will give us plenty of time to start stalking begging Bay to throw in a Camaro vs. Mustang vs. Challenger battle to the death. It does scare us that the movie arrives closer to the (supposed) launch of the Chevy Volt. We're really excited about the car, but if one of the Autobots has to plug in the middle of a fight scene, we'll be pissed.

[Source: Michael Bay via Winding Road]

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