We're convinced that some of the writers over at the Colbert Report are rampant pistonheads; maybe even daily Autoblog readers. Several of the stories we've covered have made it onto the pseudo-pundit's desk and last night was no exception. During the "Colbert Platinum" segment, which aims to inform only his overtly wealthy viewers, Stephen discusses the counterfeit Ferrari ring that was recently busted in Rome. While we were able to spot the Fiero intake manifold that gave these Faux-rraris away, Colbert suggests that the best way to ferret out a fake is to scrape a little bit of paint off the hood behind the emblem. If someone begins beating the living Hell out of you, it's probably real. You can watch the entire Colbert Platinum segment above, however, be advised that unless you've hunted a man for sport, you're not worthy.

[Source: Colbert Nation via Motive]

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