Fiat's new flagship store in London had a reason to party

Fiat, maker of the cutesiest bit of neo-retro ever (the 500, pictured above) threw a party to mark the opening of their new flagship store in London's West End. The car company went all out with real celebrities (No, I wasn't there. Sigh.) and an art exhibition which featured, according to the press release, "the work of 22 young designers who are competing to design an accessory for the Fiat 500 that will be chosen to go into production..."

More than just another dealership, the space is being offered up (for a fee, I'm guessing) as "a venue for corporate meetings, fashion shows, art and design exhibitions, and as a lavish set for film makers." Broadcaster CNN has already taken them up on that offer and will be holding a seminar with leading auto marketers and media opinion-formers. I'm still waiting on that invite.

[Source: Fiat]

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