eBay finds of the day: Two Owosso Pulse GCRVs

Looking very much like a jet with tiny, tiny wings, the Owosso Litestar and Pulse were made from 1985 until 1990. Only 347 of these vehicles were ever sold, making them a very rare sight for sale, let alone on public roads. Known as a Ground Cruising Recreational Vehicle, the Pulse is classified in most states as a motorcycle, as only three of its four wheels ever touch the ground at a time. The machine is powered first by a 450cc Honda or Yamaha motorcycle engine, and later either an 1100 or 1200cc Honda motorcycle engine and is capable of returning fuel mileage in the 50 -70 mpg range, depending on powerplant.

As rare as these vehicles are, there are currently two of them for sale on eBay, both from the same owner. The yellow Pulse is completely restored and powered by a Yamaha 450cc engine while the silver Pulse is one of 7 built for the Coors Brewing Company, according to the auction, and is powered by a Honda Golding engine of 1100cc's.

[Source: eBay via The Kneeslider]

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