Airlines pass fuel surcharges on to passengers

We've been keeping you up-to-date on oil's meteoric rise in price, but we're sure that you were well aware of the issue on your own. It's not just cars and trucks that are being impacted by the price of crude, transportation sectors the world over are reeling due to the price increases. Included in the financially hurt column are major airlines, like Germany's Lufthansa, which has just announced that it's raising its fuel surcharge from $21.58 to $26.21 on all flights inside of Europe. Intercontinental flights will remain the same with a $118.71 per flight fuel surcharge.

Also recently announcing higher fuel surcharges were United Airlines and Air France-KLM, though neither of those two carriers increased theirs to Lufthansa's levels. As much as we all hate the burden that high fuel prices put on our wallets, perhaps British Airways should rethink the strategy of embarking planes with no passengers on so-called "ghost flights".

[Source: CNN Money, BBC]

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