NYC fleet of limousines to meet fuel-efficiency standards

NYC efficiency is not only for cabs, the Big Apple is going to get better limousines as well. At least, that's the plan. The city's entire fleet of roughly 10,000 chauffeured cars, mostly black, would be required to meet fuel efficiency standards, currently attainable with hybrids, of 25 miles a gallon in 2009 and 30 miles a gallon in 2010. The plan aims to cut emissions in half, in part because of the hybrid powertrain benefits of switching off the car's engine at idle.

The plan includes a mandatory requirement to change black cars every six years, in order to ensure that the entire fleet will be renewed by 2013. In order to make things easier for limo operators, the plan
would also include incentives like tax breaks and low-cost-financing options to make purchase of new vehicles easier. Some dealers announced special offers and a couple of banks announced good conditions on loans. The city is also asking the state to approve the waiver of sales taxes on purchases of hybrids.

[Source: NY Times via LCT (gracias a David)

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