Gas prices aren't that high ... if you're stealing it

Photo by Clearly Ambiguous. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

We've seen some crazy stories about cheap gas - sometimes accidental and sometimes illegal - recently. Here's another story to add to the list of recent fuel-price-related shenanigans: straight-up theft. In King County, Washington and Des Moines, Iowa, gas stations are reporting losses of hundreds of gallons due to bandits manipulating pumps and then filling up truck tanks and 55-gallon drums in the bed. Police are looking for a redish Nissan Titan, possibly with California plates, that appeared in surveillance tapes. How did the men know how to manipulate the pumps? One station manager thinks the suspects are gas-pump technicians, as they appeared pretty familiar with how the equipment works. This certainly isn't the first time that high fuel prices have driven people to thievery. Anyone think it'll be the last?

[Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer, NY Times]

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