"Canadian" cars rule in Kabul, Afghanistan

While Canadians are hopping mad over the inequitable price of cars in their home state compared to the U.S., people in Afghanistan are happy to pick up our northern neighbor's leftovers. Apparently, the first cars to arrive in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban were from Canada, so now Volkswagens, Fords and Toyotas are all considered Canadian cars to the Afghan residents of Kabul. These Canadian automotive exports are so famous in the former Taliban stronghold that driving a "Canadian" Honda Accord or Ford Taurus is a status symbol. Canada isn't exporting its high-priced new cars to the front lines of the war on terror, but rather its not-so-gently-used vehicles that have been in an accident or sat on the dealer lot too long.

We wonder if the Afghans will give Canada credit for starting Rock & Roll and inventing the Salad Shooter next. Besides the many vehicles Canada knowingly ships to the Middle-East, the land of the Maple Leaf also loses 30,000 vehicles every year to thieves that swipe the cars and ship them overseas, many of which are sold in Afghanistan to up-and-coming status seekers. Thanks for the tip, Kevin!

[Source: The Chronicle Herald]

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