Davis, CA selling half of its NEV fleet, citing budget issues

The City of Davis, California is unloading about half its fleet of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles. The university town has 27 GEMs which have proven "popular as transport for City Council members, parade entrants, visiting delegate movers and symbols of environmental awareness," according to a story in Sunday's Davis Enterprise (reg. req'd).

The city received the low speed vehicles from Daimler-Chrysler when automakers were dumping NEVs to comply with the California Air Resources Board's Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate without offering full-function electric cars. The City blames budget woes for the decision to auction half the fleet. All the vehicles are in working order, though some will require a bit of work. The first two GEM cars on the block are a G-7 two-passenger model with 3,474 miles and a G-21 four-passenger model with 921 miles. Minimum bids for two-seaters begin at $1,700 and for four-seaters will start at $2,100. If you're looking to buy, contact the City Manager's Office.

[Source: Davis Enterprise]

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