Chrysler-Chery production deal may finally be near completion

The ongoing saga of Chrysler's attempted partnership with Chery Automotive of China may finally be close to a resolution. According to business publication Information Times, a final deal for a joint venture may be near. The American and Chinese companies would each have a fifty percent stake in the manufacturing venture at a new plant with a capacity for 250,000 cars a year. The venture is expected to produce rebadged versions of the Chery A1 (pictured above) and A3 mini cars with Chrysler putting up cash for the deal and Chery providing land and technology. It's not clear if these cars will be offered in the U.S. market but if they are, then Chrysler will be taking a different approach to the low end market from Ford. Ford will be marketing the new Fiesta as a stylish, well-equipped small car that's expected to be profitable for the company. The Chery-based cars would likely be sold at a much lower price and they probably won't be considered a premium small car.

[Source: Gasgoo]

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