Use the sun to mow your lawn, Roomba-style

Many of you, I am sure, like to get up early on the weekend so you can mow your lawn and then stand back and gaze at the beauty you have wrought by the sweat of your brow. The Automowerâ„¢ from Husqvarna is not for you. No, this magnificent creature is for those of us who would rather use our free time playing Scrabble with the kids or trying to make sense out of last weeks episode of Lost. Like the Roomba that's wandering through your house, cleaning your floor and menacing your cat, the Automowerâ„¢ is a functional robot that helps you save time and energy for the activities you enjoy.

Guided by a perimeter wire, this lawn widget finds its way across your grasslands , manicuring and mulching as it goes. No noise, no emissions, no sweat. Although supplemented by solar, if your yard is large enough, it may need to get some juice from its base station. But don't worry, it knows where it is and will take care of all that by itself.

[Source: gizmag]

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