As real as anything: the zero-emission Hummer (yes, it's a golf cart)

Say what you want about the Hummer, the design sure as hell is iconic. Whether in crazy scooter, styrofoam or biofuel concept form, Hummer knows how to attract attention. We've seen tiny Hummer-like vehicles before, but that doesn't mean we don't want to see more - especially when they're zero emission.

Meet the Zero Emission Hummer. Yeah, it's a little bit smaller than your average Hummer, but hey, it's an EV and it's apparently officially licensed from GM. Actually, this is really just a golf cart dressed up to look like a Hummer. With a chrome grill and Hummer wheels (smaller than normal, naturally), this thing has the look down. Powered by lead acid Trojan T-875 batteries and featuring cup holders, this is the perfect toy for people with very little imagination. Word of caution: Don't go off-roading too far from the green. Thanks to Jamie for the tip!

[Source: European Golf]

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