Toyota could enter aircraft industry, HondaJet prepares for dogfight

Now that its ground offensive has taken control of the battlefield, word comes that Toyota's field commanders might have an eye toward the skies. That's right: Toyota is reportedly considering an offer from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to get into the aircraft business. MHI would like to see Toyota invest in a new passenger jet project, which, if it goes forward, would set up an aerial dogfight with the HondaJet, which is already in the segment. Mitsubishi already produces its own plane, the Regional Jet. Is this the beginning of a new battle for air supremacy? Hmmm. Somebody cue the Kenny Loggins.

UPDATE: Post erroneously referred to Fuji Heavy instead of Mitsubishi Heavy. The error has been corrected.

[Source: AFP/Breitbart]

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