Geneva 2008: Twingo Renault Sport so cute you might want two or three

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This is another in a long line of European cars we just can't buy in the States, but that we'd give our left lug nuts to drive on a daily basis. The recently unveiled Twingo Renault Sport joins a group of euro cars that combine economy and fun, with an emphasis on sporty looks and handling to match. If this sounds like your kind of thing, you'll be upset to know that it still isn't coming here. For masochists, you can read more about the Twingo Sport in the press release after the jump, but the short version is that this third Renault Sport model is based on the new Twingo that was unveiled here in Geneva last year. Checking the Renault Sport box on the order form adds a 133-hp 1.6L motor to the tiny hatch. Add in Renault's expert chassis tuning and the whole package should guarantee an exciting ride... for Europeans.



Renault Sport Technologies profited from the international launch of the latest R28 Formula 1 single-seater in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris, France, today to take the wraps off Twingo Renault Sport. Renault's new, affordable, high-performance car slots into the Renault Sport range alongside its bigger sister cars, Clio and
Mégane Renault Sport.

Twingo Renault Sport is a genuine hot hatch with looks to match and was designed to deliver both enjoyable roadholding and genuine sports performance. Its efficient, balanced chassis has been mated to a fiery but flexible 133hp engine to form a package that is sure to appeal to all those who seek sporting sensations and
driving pleasure during everyday motoring.

Unmistakable sporting credentials
Renault has produced an affordable high-performance car which sits alongside Clio and Mégane Renault Sport in the Renault Sport range. Twingo Renault Sport's compact proportions and incisive, assertive styling are redolent of the Twingo Concept show car which was unveiled at the 2006 Paris Show. Twingo's existing lines are underpinned by a more curvaceous, athletic stance and the newcomer's sporty calling is further emphasized
by its wider front and rear wings, profiled sills and spoiler.

Driving pleasure and sporting sensations during everyday motoring
Twingo Renault Sport is the response of Renault Sport Technologies' experts to a two- pronged challenge, namely to deliver sports performance while at the same time ensuring that the new car is easy to use on a day-to-day basis. Twingo Renault Sport's chassis is both responsive and finely tuned to provide precise, balanced sports handling, while specific work on the pitch of its new 133hp 1,598cc engine reveals its punchy

[Source: Renault]

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