Geneva 2008: Lumeneo Smera tilting electric car

Introduced in Geneva and existing only in concept form at this time is the Lumeneo Smera, a novel new all-electric city car capable of maneuvering only where motorcycles and scooters dare to tread. Although boasting four wheels, the Lumeneo is a tilting design, similar in concept to the Carver or Piaggio MP3. The Smera seats two, but would more accurately be described as a 1+1. The driver can choose to carry either a passenger or luggage, not both. Dual electric 20 hp motors each power the rear wheels directly, there is no mechanical differential. The actual specifications of the machine are rather impressive, with the ability to go 93 miles on a single charge and hit a top-speed of 80 miles per hour. Acceleration is quite acceptable as well, with the 0-60 sprint taking only 8 seconds or so. A 144 volt lithium ion battery pack provides the juice. Apparently, Lumeneo hopes to start selling the Smera next year at an as-yet-undetermined price. We're not holding our breath to see it in the U.S. but will keep you updated on this vehicle as we hear more.

[Source: Lumeneo, Jalopnik]

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