Geneva 2008: KTM X-Bow Dallara, ready for delivery

Click above for a high-res gallery of the production KTM X-Bow.

A year ago, we had our first formal introduction to the KTM X-Bow concept. After a scant 12 months, the famed motorcycle manufacturer has officially unveiled the production version of the X-Bow, and over 2,000 people have lined up to get their hands on one of the most driver-focused vehicles to be released since the introduction of the Ariel Atom.

Not much has changed from the original concept. The same Audi-sourced, 220 hp TFSI four-cylinder engine is mounted out back and with only 1,500 pounds holding the carbon fiber track tool back, the sprint to 60 comes up in 3.9 seconds. KTM has smoothed out some of the rough edges, including the exhaust/intake systems, added a fully adjustable suspension and tweaked the bodywork and cockpit, but it's still minimalist motoring at its finest. Back in 2007 we called it better than the best rollercoaster around, and one year later, we're sticking with that assessment.

Our previous post on the production X-Bow and the 1,000 limited edition Dallara series models is available here and we've posted two galleries of the X-Bow below, including the concept from the 2007 Geneva Motor Show and the production version shown this year.

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