EU seriously considering eliminating all financial support for biofuels

The European Comission (EC) is considering new changes in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) that could remove all financial aid to biofuel crops. According to a working draft, current biofuel demand is so high that financial support is no longer needed. The EU's next CAP will be introduced May 20th. That's when the 27 EU members will start discussing how to change the policy. It's going to be a long discussion.

The current EU financial aid for biofuels is 45 EUR per ha, as long as the production is backed up by a contract between the farmer and the fuel manufacturer. However, this amount was limited only for the two first 2 million ha, and the EU reduced its support to 30 EUR/ha. Even without the EU backing, the EU still wants to replace at least 10 percent of fossil fuels with biofuels by 2020.

[Source: EFE via Econoticias]

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