A123 Systems gets another patent on Nanophosphate electrodes

For once the U.S. Patent and Trademark office has issued a patent on an actual invention rather than some vague business method or an all-encompassing idea like downloading files. A123 Systems has been issued patent 7,338,734 for a "Conductive Lithium Storage Electrode". The patent is related to the NanoPhosphate technology that A123 uses in their lithium ion batteries. A123's battery chemistry is considered to be among the most stable and safest for automotive use.
A123 has development contracts from General Motors for two of their upcoming plug-in programs. The Massachusetts company is supplying cells with Cobasys doing pack integration for the plug-in Saturn Vue hybrid while Continental is doing the packs for the Chevy Volt. The company has filed over 160 patent applications on various aspects of their technology since it was discovered at MIT and the company was founded in 2001.

[Source: A123 Systems]

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