VIDEO: Fifth Gear reviews electric Smart car, turns it into series hybrid with off-the-shelf generator

This week, Fifth Gear did a side-by-side review of the Mercedes Smart electric drive and regular Smart car that runs on petrol (watch it below the fold). Fifth Gear found out that zero-to-thirty is a lot faster in the petrol but the handling, thanks the heavy batteries lowering the center of gravity, is tops in the electric. Just 100 Smart EDs (electric drive) are coming to the UK as a trial, and the launch will be based on demand, according to Fifth Gear. I think Fifth Gear's distance/cost comparison is kinda biased to the electric but the show does something very interesting at the end of the review. They put a portable gas generator in the back of the EV, charging the car and instantly turning it into a series hybrid. Why don't we see that more often?

[Source: YouTube]

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