Forum Fodder: Definitive proof that ethanol is not creating a food corn shortage?

GM Inside News forum member HoosierRon has posted what he feels is "definitive proof that ethanol is not creating a food corn shortage." He goes on to give real raw data to support his claims. His data concentrates on the amount of corn produced in the U.S. and the amount of ethanol produced in the U.S. His data seems to indicate that there is more corn available for food now than there ever has been before.

This type of data is good to keep an eye on, but it hardly offers definitive proof that ethanol fuel is not raising corn prices. Instead, it shows that there is plenty of corn available for use as either ethanol or food. Additionally, the data does not indicate whether farmers who previously planted other crops are instead choosing to plant corn. None of this is to say that ethanol is creating a food shortage, just that more data is needed before any fair conclusion can be reached.

As is often stated, making ethanol from corn is not very efficient, but hopefully soon we will start seeing cellulosic ethanol take its place as an alternative to petroleum.

[Source: GM Inside News]

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