The ten cheapest cars in the world - #9 - Fiat Palio

Fiat Palio. 5-door hatchback. "World-car." $9,242

Born in Brazil and built in other Latin American countries, as well as Poland, Morocco, Turkey, India, South Africa China and Russia (the sedan version), the Fiat Palio is truly a "world car." This car is one of the first models designed for emerging economies in mind. It was unveiled in 1996 using a lot of components from older Fiat models, especially the Fiat Uno. The current version still carries the first chassis but the car is likely to be phased out, at least in its Brazilian homeland, by an adapted version of the Fiat Grande Punto.

The car has included all kinds of engines, from 1.0-liter misers to sportier 1.8-liter versions and all of Fiat's small diesel engines. While the Palio doesn't use the latest technology to limit emissions, they have always been competent, high-mileage units. In Brazil, most of them are flex-fuel capable.

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