Making energy from all kinds of crap

Creating methane gas from waste products in anything but a new concept, with the gas being pumped and burned off from landfills the world over. What is a newer idea, though, is taking care of the problem right from the point of its creation... your own toilet or garbage pile. In emerging countries like India, and even in rural areas in the U.S., there are many households which are not directly connected to a sewage system, and there is no big garbage truck on its way to pick up your trash. Sintex Industries thinks that they can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, with their digester, a tool that is capable of generating methane gas using bacteria to break down human waste, cow manure and other forms of trash. In India, a family-sized unit costs about $425 and can provide all of the gas needed for cooking. Larger units can be installed for use in places like neighborhoods, schools or hospitals. Methane gas could also be used for transportation needs, either by electrical generation or in mass-transit.

[Source: CNN via Engadget]

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